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Scroll to the end of your zillow page. It proves the pattern of yearly increases on your example were capped at +2% each year. Except for the time it was +4%, to adjust for failure to change the year prior. (That quirk happened to all of us CA residential taxpayers.): = ↑ + = ↓ (decrease) = ↑ + = ↑ + = ↑ + = → (no change) = ↑ + = → (no change) Zillow's stats are incomplete. They fail to show the last tax cycle paid, for tax cycle for years ***, aka " ." Your example address paid well over $2, for a value of over $ K+ (stats not yet on zillow). That "$ " that you tout was, in reality, $19 83 for tax year *** for valuation $$ , of property with a sales booktotiva1129 year . No, that's not for the new buyer who paid $ million last January . The new owner's taxes will now spike to over $16, /year. (Prop. 13 formula resets tax to 1% of latest resale price, then, max 2% increases after that.) Your bogus claim that a $ million property was taxed $ proves you just don't understand what you're ranting about. And thanks to *magic* of how Special Assessments tax Add-On amounts vary so drastiy from one county to another here in CA, two properties may have near the same total yearly tax bill despite one having a tax booktotiva1129 value of nearly twice the other.



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